Next-Gen Intelligent Application Gateway

Supports carrier-class networks with an all-in-one solution driving infrastructure costs down while increasing performance for your end-customers.

Reduce network complexity while improving end-user experience

Panabit is an affordable carrier-class all-in-one Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) software suite often deployed at Service Provider’s Edge or Internet Access of University and Enterprise Campus. It provides application optimization and end-user access control, helps customers to improve end-user experience and reduce Internet bandwidth cost. Its advantage is deeply rooted in thorough understanding of 1000+ applications.

Application Traffic Analysis

High-Performance NAT

vBRAS and Client Behavior Analytics

App Rate Limiting and Policy Routing

University Internet Access

ISP MAN Optimization

High-Density Broadband Uplink Aggregation


Key Benefits

Open Platform

Open platforms provide a highly extensible framework that more easily allows new services and integrations to be added to the solution. Panabit’s all-in-one Intelligent Application Gateway eliminates the box-by-box manual configuration of network devices. The IAG provides IT, teams, with the ability to eliminate hardware devices with services provided by the IAG.


  • Provision services in hours versus weeks or months.
  • Replace CLI interfaces with visualizations providing an expanded view of a specific issue or overall network health.
  • Eliminates multiple point solutions with a single pane of glass.


  • Reduces CapEx investments with expensed subscription software.
  • Breaks vendor hardware lock-ins with software that runs on a standard x86 platform.
  • Eliminates buying more than you need. Purchase capacity on an as-needed basis.

Proven enterprise scale

Million Simultaneous Active IP’s

Million vBRAS Users

Thousand Systems Deployed

Tbps ISP Bandwidth Optimized

Where Panabit is used today

Enterprise Campus

Internet Service Providers

University Internet Access

Data Centers

Request a demo of Panabit

See for yourself why Panabit continues to win customers with its all-in-one Intelligent Application Gateway. The demonstration will provide both a high-level introduction to the Panabit IAG and address your specific network needs.