About Panabit

Ridge Security and Panabit Software Join Efforts to Expand Global Market for Panabit

Panabit is the product trademark owned by Pioneer Software. Pioneer Software is a leading solution provider for network optimization, traffic analysis, and application acceleration. Panabit Intelligent Application Gateway is based on Pioneer Software’s acclaimed network application recognition engine and PanaOS operating platform. The Panabit IAG helps Internet Service Providers and Enterprises reduce operation costs and improve end-user network experience.

Ridge Security provides network security solutions to enterprises, governments, education, and web application teams. Its trade-marked products RidgeBot™ and RidgeHAD are the industry 1st Robotic Automated Penetration Testing system, which imitates techniques utilized by literally millions of hackers that penetrate systems and help organizations identify business risks before a hacker does.

Together Pioneer Software and Ridge Security will join efforts to optimize and secure Enterprises and Service Providers’ Network infrastructure, focus on delivering “security, efficiency and cost reduction”.

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