Panabit Product Overview

Carrier-Class Intelligent Application Gateway

The Panabit IAG is a high-performance, feature-rich, affordable system designed for Internet Service Providers, Enterprise, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Government, and Hospitality customers. It utilizes the network function virtualization (NFV) architecture and supports multiple functions like Application Traffic Analysis and Visualization, Application Traffic Optimization, High-Performance NAT, virtual BRAS, and User Behavior Analytics, and WAN Link Load Balancing in one system. Panabit IAG helps your organization achieve operation efficiency, reduce CapEx investment, and save operating costs by optimizing the WAN links.

Panabit IAG is powered by PanaOS, a FreeBSD-based operating system running on specified commonly available x86 bare-metal industry servers. With its pay-as-you-grow licensing model, Panabit IAG provides unprecedented flexibility for customers. Ease your mind about hardware vendor lock-ins or low utilization of expensive specialized networking equipment.

Product Architecture and Key Features

High Performance

  • 30Mpps Performance and 80Gbps throughput
  • 600K concurrent IP
  • 18M concurrent sessions
  • 1M new sessions per second

High Availability

  • Dual OS
  • High availability (HA) switchover <1ms

Application Aware

  • 40GbE interface 1:1 DPI
  • 1000+ applications identified
  • 95%+ network traffic recognized
  • Control application / session traffic Kbps granularity

Client Access Control

  • Max 500 vBRAS instances
  • 32K Users per gateway
  • Client behavior control/audit

PanaOS Deep-Packet Inspection Technology

Signature-Based DPI

  • Most effective traffic recognition technology, evolving to DFI

Node Tracking

  • Detects and shares traffic source information
  • Improves accuracy and performance of inspection

Active Probing

  • Probes the destination status of Encrypted traffic
  • Works with Node Tracking to analyze the signature of encrypted traffic

Protocol Multi-State Machine

  • Analyze encrypted traffic
  • Collect Multi-dimension stateful information like packet length and frequency
  • Meta data of encryption protocol

User friendly interface

Panabit IAG Typical Deployment Modes

Transparent Bridging Mode

Panabit is deployed as a transparent bridge between the customer network’s router and core switches. The customer doesn’t need to change their network design, as Panabit is transparent for existing network equipment.

In Transparent Bridging mode, Panabit can be used for application analysis and visualization, application traffic optimization, and user behavior analytics.

Gateway Mode

Panabit is deployed as a gateway at the network’s exit point. It provides DHCP service, PPPoE authentication, web authentication, high performance NAT, static routing, application traffic optimization and WAN link load balancing.

TAP Mode

TAP Mode redirects network traffic to Panabit by utilizing switch-port traffic mirroring or splitting, minimizing network disruption. Panabit will then analyze network traffic for user behavior analytics.

Request a demo of Panabit

See for yourself why Panabit continues to win customers with its all-in-one Intelligent Application Gateway. The demonstration will provide both a high-level introduction to the Panabit IAG and address your specific network needs.